We provide a holistic service encompassing every stage of the student’s education journey.

Our expert team will be with you to answer any query you have


First meeting

Our engagement with students starts long before they submit an application. The student’s journey begins with an initial meeting to understand more about them and what they are looking for

Our dedicated team in China works closely with the student and their family to find out what makes a student special and what they want from the chance to study abroad

Second meeting

Application to school

We match each student’s profile to the school that best suits them. We work to understand both sides’ requirements and improve the chances of a quality match

We guide and support university applicants throughout the entire process, offering advice in the selection of degree courses, completing forms, “top tips” on personal statements and managing the subsequent decision making process. We offer further help with practice interviews and additional admissions tests for Ivy League, Oxbridge, business schools, medicine, law and other highly selective courses

Application to university

Visa application services

We have provided authoritative immigration and visa services for hundreds of prospective students and parents

We help with accommodation, travel, answering any questions you may have and dealing with any last minute nerves!


On arrival

We are closely involved in the student’s arrival / airport pick-ups, as well as first weeks of study, making regular calls / visits to make sure the student is settling in and that there are no concerns from the school / university

We arrange guardianships for our students with experienced local guardians, we also help with host family arrangements as required


Ongoing (including personal concierge)

We offer extensive follow-up services, providing students with wide-ranging support to help them adapt to local culture and life more quickly and easily. A personal counsellor is allocated to each student before arrival to manage their affairs and give guidance on a range of aspects, including airport pick-up, accommodation and other support services

We offer careers advice for individual students following completion of their studies, including interview techniques and arranging work experience and internships. We also offer a career counselling service

Work experience